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Five sure signs that you are ready for a promotion

Are you eager to climb the corporate ladder and advance in your career? Recognising the signs that indicate you are ready for a promotion can help you position yourself for success and seize new opportunities within your company.

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How to stay productive when travelling for work

We all have had this problem – we go on a work trip for a few days, but upon our return we are greeted by an inbox full of unread emails and pending tasks. Here are a few tips to stay productive when travelling for work.

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Five popular summer jobs, then and now

Seasonal jobs are a good way to gain experience, earn money, and travel, making them perfectly suited to young people. Read on to discover how seasonal work has changed compared to 10 years ago.

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How can we use technology without getting distracted?

Do you ever lack concentration and feel the need to check your phone when working or studying? Of course, we all do. But how do we stop distraction, and what effect does technology have on our attention spans?

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Why you should use virtual assessment days in your hiring process

Assessment days allow your job candidates to present many skills that traditional interviews do not. However, there are complications to in-person events that virtual assessment days avoid. In fact, virtual assessment days have many advantages.

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Four golden rules to deal with imposter syndrome in the workplace

Imposter syndrome is a feeling of inadequacy that many people experience, even when they are successful in their field. It can make people feel like they do not deserve their success and are not as talented as others. Here is how to deal with it.

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The invaluable benefits of international work exchange programmes

More companies are realising the benefits of international exchange programmes, which can be a great way for employees to pursue new and exciting opportunities. Here are four reasons why we think work exchange programmes could be perfect for you.

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Combining work with study? Here is how to stay efficient

Combining work with study is great for gaining experience and making extra money to support yourself. However, some may find it intimidating at first. Follow these simple tips to help you stay efficient at work and school.