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UAlg Online Careers Fair

An opportunity for companies from all over Europe to meet and make contact to highly qualified professionals educated in some of the best Portuguese Universities in the South of Portugal (and Spain), as well as across the EU/EEA – with a broad scope of qualifications and skills. A wide range of recruitment opportunities will be available for employers, from the publishing of recruitment needs and the sharing of videos about company & recruitment needs to automatic screening / matching / interview scheduling services, as well as personalized advice on recruiting from another country. If you are looking for a job, you will be able to screen through and apply to jobs matching your profile, make contact to employers and maybe schedule recruitment interview(s) during the event day. You will also benefit from a live streamed Programme of thematic info sessions & workshops covering different topics, within job search, traineeships, R&D, mobility and entrepreneurship.

  • labour mobility
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  • Faro, Portugal

Informação prática

Campus de Gambelas
Campus de Gambelas, Faro, Portugal
English, Portuguese
IEFP EURES Portugal + UAlg (Algarve University)
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UAlg Online Careers Fair


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Ana Margarida Silva
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+351 215803100