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Graduate Recruitment Fair in Bern/Switzerland

More than 1000 graduates of various fields of studies (life science, architecture, technology, economy, architecture, art and design, etc.) are expected to attend. Many of them might be interested in gaining international work experience abroad – be it in a permanent employment or in an internship – to give their career a boost. This year EURES Switzerland is participating the second time at the fair with its own stand, offering valuable information about job seeking in European labour markets. We would greatly appreciate the attendance and support of the EURES countries. Your country could easily become the favoured working destination for well-trained and highly motivated Swiss and EU citizens and so local employers will benefit from highly qualified professionals!

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  • Bern, Switzerland

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Mingerstrasse 6, Bern, Switzerland
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Together AG
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Graduate Recruitment Fair in Bern/Switzerland

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Christoph Hänggi
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